IFM is a Data Analytics Company using Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics to automate indoor data capture. With partners in industry and customers across automotive manufacturing and logistics, we use our technology to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and unleash productivity in the workforce.

IFM is the leading provider of automated indoor data capture with flying robots. Our algorithms enable machines to navigate and understand 3D space on their own. We solve localization, mapping, object detection and identification using a combination of proprietary computer vision algorithms, deep convolutional neural networks, and sensor fusion. We built small and lightweight flying robots that run this stack onboard in real-time to count inventory in warehouses. These IFMs can collect data fully autonomously and with centimeter accuracy – without the need for any external systems such as GPS.

Completely Automated Inventory Counting

IFM offers fully integrated solutions to automate inventory counting in high-bay and selective rack warehouses. Our system easily connects to existing Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and ensures inventory accuracy at all times.


400X speed

IFM automatically turns over an entire warehouse in less than 20 minutes


seamlessly integrated

IFM seamlessly integrates with existing WMS solutions and processes


accurate & reliable

IFM robots count with 100% accuracy. They aren't human after all... or yet...

The Team

Engineers, Scientists, and Entrepreneurs. We have decades of combined experience in Computer Vision and Robotics.

Marc Gyongyosi

Marc Gyongyosi

CEO & Visual-Inertial Navigation


Siddarth Jain

Siddarth Jain

Robotics & Perception Lead


Nathan Matsuda

Nathan Matsuda

Sensors & Algorithms Lead



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